Trilogy at Redmond Ridge Market Report – November 2012

Little activity indicates “Wait and sell in 2013.”

Six homes $old during November, one less than October.

The six homes sold included: Two very nice greenbelt Chelan homes, an Alder which had been on the market more than a year, two Hemlocks and a Cedar. All were resells; no “Designer Homes” closed.

All were “arm’s length” transactions.  That means they were not “distressed,” a short sale, estate sale or foreclosure.  Arm’s length transactions provide good evaluation data for figuring out what similar homes really are worth in a reasonably stable market.  Our market has become just that, stable. Sellers are leaving at a slower pace.  Some want a warmer climate or to be closer to grandchildren and family.   Some have chosen to move into assisted living.

Let’s talk about that for a moment.

All too often, folks moving on pick a selling agent at random. All too often their home is sold too cheaply because the selling agent didn’t understand that Trilogy at Redmond Ridge has higher values.  Unfortunately, some appraisers get a little lazy and rely on such sales when they collect information to justify a new mortgage, or refinancing. Unfortunately, when that happens, the value of every home can deteriorate.

Part of an agent’s responsibility to a seller, or a buyer, is to assure that as the process from offer to closing runs its course, all information is accurate and correctly transcribed, and that all appraisals truly reflect the market.  Your agent can by cooperating with mortgage brokers, banks, title companies and other agents intervene to correct inaccurate estimates.

Trilogy at Redmond Ridge residents, our older neighbors and those who might need help, deserve an energetic assurance that they will have the funds for a new living style and that they can leave as much as possible for their children.

We can help by getting involved.  This past weekend I received such a call from a caring Trilogy at Redmond Ridge home owner whose neighbor is moving into an assisted living facility.  My caller made it a point to get to know his neighbor and his neighbor’s children who live in the Seattle area.   He and his wife have bought and sold almost a dozen houses across the country and understand the true value of a caring broker who can be trusted to be proactive in not only marketing a property but in preparing it for the market, and helping the owner with all the details of preparation.

It’s a stressful time and there’s much more than just cleaning up and hiring someone to sell the place.

Any home for sale more than likely needs a serious and deep cleaning inside and out.  It probably will need small fixes such as leaky fixtures, dirty fireplaces and vents,  fresh caulking and paint just to mention a few.  It’s a process, one just as important as accurate paperwork for title insurance, closing and mortgage approval

It’s part of the responsibility accepted by a full-service broker, one with in-depth knowledge of Trilogy at Redmond Ridge and a caring heart.

Maybe it’s just the Christmas spirit, something I wish could be universal every day of the year, but it’s nice to learn about folks who care about neighbors and want to help for the right reasons.  And I’m very pleased when I can lend a hand, even roll up my sleeves if necessary, to help someone prepare to move on to a new home.  It’s the right thing to do and Bridgette and I feel good about it.

Sales of new builds data

The County reported as December began that it was collecting excise tax on six newly completed construction homes bringing the total to 37 for the year.   For the year so far, 79 resells and 11 “designer homes” have closed escrow.  The total as November began was 127 true sales including the 37 new construction closings.  Shea predicts it will close another 14 between now and Dec. 31.  We may see another half dozen or so resells close and finish up just shy of 150 sales for the year combined. That’s up nearly 50 percent from 2011.

I’d say things are on the mend. Be sure to read next month’s “Year End Report.” It should be out by Jan. 10 or sooner.

As for “pending” sales, at month’s end there were six pending inspection, a “short sale” Discovery and five others.  We probably won’t see a lot of year-end closings.  The two new-construction homes reported as “pending” last month have yet to close.  One, a Whidbey, was on the market 768 days.  The other, a Washington, 335 days.

What is currently available

There were 12 resells available Dec. 1. One of them is a “short sale” Orchard. The interesting thing is that five are attached houses priced below $440,000.  The others are priced between $600,000 and $900,000. There is nothing in-between. If you have an Island Collection home, now would be a good time to consult with us about getting it on the market before Daylight Savings returns in early march.

Summing it all up….almost

Maybe it’s dreary weather, post election indecision or just getting ready for Christmas, but few folks are actively looking right now.  Until the last couple of weeks, each of my open houses were attracting between 35 and 55 visitors.  Some bought. My broker friends who also work in Trilogy report the same reduced activity.  But, part of my job is to deal with such issues and advise buyers and sellers, actually, to recommend.

For sellers – This is a great time to consult with potential listing brokers and gather information. Find out what needs to be done to prepare your home for sale and start de-cluttering. Get a “to do” list from your broker and chip away at it. Also, have them provide you with a comprehensive report and examples of net proceeds calculations so you know how much your home should yield so you can accurately plan for your future.

My team is using this down time to develop innovative strategies to better serve our sellers in 2013.  We are meeting with our contractors who:

  • Deep clean interiors
  • Wash windows
  • Treat roof moss
  • Clean gutters
  • Pressure wash concrete, decks and siding
  • Provide furnishings for staging

We’re also working with our contacts in the mortgage and title insurance industry, and some tax folks, so we can incorporate into our marketing and legal work new trends and regulations.

The objective is to take the load off your back.  We’re even exploring what coupons and unadvertised specials are available to benefit a seller or a buyer.

 As 2013 approaches, consider what you need to accomplish, what dimes you might want to spend to assure you get dollars back.  If you are thinking of selling, call.  No obligations.  We’ll be happy to go into great detail, ahead of time, about how we might accomplish together, getting top dollar for your home. We’d really like that.

Thank you so much for all of your feedback and business this year. We certainly do appreciate it. Thanks for all of you who helped us to become recognized as Five Star Professionals during our very first full year of serving as private brokers since I parted with Shea Homes. You can find the article at newsstands now in “Seattle Magazine’s Best of 2012 December Edition.” We look forward to improving our services in the coming year. In the meantime, here’s to health, happiness, a wonderful Holiday Season and a Happy New Year!!!

If there’s one thing we’d like you to remember, it is:

“We don’t care how many we sell; we care that we serve you well.”

Devin & Bridgette Sanford


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