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Need to know your home's value?
A Comparative Market Analysis is an excellent way to get an expert opinion on the value of your home using comparables in your area. This service is free and takes only a few seconds to fill out the form.

Selling a home in today’s market can be challenging – The Devin Sanford Team understands that. While the market can be challenging, hundreds of homes are sold each week in the Puget Sound area. What’s the difference between selling your home or failing to do so? It’s the details. Whether it’s our proven sales approach, effective marketing campaigns, or utilizing our existing network, with The Devin Sanford Team no detail is overlooked.

With a proven track record, the right skill set and years of experience, The Devin Sanford Team has all the tools to sell your home. If you’re serious about selling your home, we’re serious about getting the job done. Who you work with in today’s market matters.

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