Trilogy at Redmond Ridge Market Report – June 2013, Redmond WA Real Estate

IT WAS AN ELEPHANT OF A MONTH  in Trilogy at Redmond Ridge!

June Sales Soar in Trilogy at Redmond Ridge

Pending Sales Higher, Newly Available Stable

Trilogy at Redmond RidgeJune was fantastic.  Fourteen sales closed.  July could be better because of strong buyer interest in Trilogy at Redmond Ridge.  There are 22 pending sales, 22 commitments to invest in a home in the community.   Meanwhile, some new homes are available but the number is about the same as for previous months.  Statistics predict that many will be sold or pending before August.

Soaring Sales in Trilogy at Redmond Ridge

Fourteen homes closed in June, 11 of them resells.  That compares with May’s record of five resells and three new construction, or spec, houses.  Here are the statistics:

Model Listed At Sold For
Orchard $375,000 $355,000
Discovery $419,000 $393,750
*Union    $439,950       $439,950
*Union  $459,950       $455,000 (Full Price Contract but Appraised Lower.)
Vancouver $549,000       $542,000
Bainbridge $579,000 $579,000
*Bainbridge $599,000       $590,000
Hemlock   $599,000       $590,000
Bainbridge $599,000 $592,000
Hemlock $629,000 $610,000
Hemlock $649,000 $630,650
Vancouver $619,000 $619,000
Hemlock $649,000 $630,650
Hemlock $659,990 $667,500
Cedar $669,000 $669,000

*Sold by Devin Sanford Homes – “The Elephant at Work”

July’s Foundation

As June ended there were 22 pending sales in Trilogy at Redmond Ridge meaning that at some point in July or perhaps in August, Trilogy will have 22 new members.    Prices can’t be quoted until after the sale is recorded by King County.   Five of the pending sales were awaiting inspection, another five were new construction. Here’s the list:

4 Hemlocks, 1 new construction 1 Cedar
4 Unions 1 Oakwood
3 Chelans / 2 new construction 1 Discovery
2 Nice / both new construction 1 Townsend
2 Orchards 1 Vancouver
1 Bainbridge 1 Washington

Four pending’s were handled by Devin Sanford Homes – “The Elephant at Work”

Now Available in Trilogy at Redmond Ridge

As July 1 dawned, there were 14 homes for sale in Trilogy at Redmond Ridge.  That’s a figure that hasn’t changed much this year.  Many of them are new because so many have been sold or reached pending status.  Let’s take a look at what’s available, and for how much:

Union $399,950
Discovery $414,950
Orchard $419,900
Bainbridge $499,950
Whidbey $514,500
Whidbey $519,950
Vashon $539,000
Whidbey $563,950
Monaco $619,900 (new construction)
Whidbey $524,900 (new construction)
Hemlock $699,000
Hemlock $729,000
Alder $724,950
Monticello $1,076,900 (new construction)

Some footnotes about what’s offered:

The Monticello was originally offered as a lot on which a buyer could choose from a group of lower-priced floor plans. The builder instead put up a Monticello with many upgrades thus raising the price from $766,900.

The builder announced some time ago that prices on the other new construction units would go up by $75,000 for the Monaco and $50,000 for the Whidbey.

There are sometimes significant differences in prices for the same model.  There are significant reasons that can include the condition of the home, upgrades including appliances, deck expansions and improvements, proximity to the Cascade Club, a golf course lot, and, of course, a view.

You and your real estate broker can make significant differences by staging your home.  Professional staging is a significant advantage.  Furniture and accessories “showcase” your home by leading a buyer’s eyes and heart to the best features of your interior.  Don’t overlook the patio or deck.

Staging is part of Devin Sanford Homes’ service – “The Elephant at work”

And More

The Elephant

The elephant and the green and white colors I use are the result of a significant investment in researching how prospective home buyers react to symbols and colors.  The investment has produced outstanding dividends for my clients.  It’s a symbol reflecting strength and memory, qualities I believe are essential in working with my clients and friends.

Exclusive Quote

More and more you see “exclusive” or “exclusively” on signs around Trilogy at Redmond Ridge, and elsewhere.  Here’s what the Northwest Multiple Listing Service says about that:

In advertising and on signs, only the words “exclusive” and “exclusively” may be used.  No modifying may be used that would imply that the listing office is the only one who can show or sell the property.

Shea Construction Concluding

Shea has told Trilogy at Redmond Ridge Members that the company soon will close its mobile home sales office, perhaps as early as this late this month and that it has only about 10 lots left on which to build.

Trilogy at Redmond Ridge Golf

As Trilogy at Redmond Ridge developed Shea Homes built what now is known as the Golf Club at Redmond Ridge.  A few years ago Trilogy sold the facility to Okie Golf which to this day continues to offer Trilogy residents generous discounts when they play.

Trilogy at Redmond Ridge HOA Dues

Trilogy’s homeowner association, known as the Resort Community Association or RCA, has charged $198 a month as HOA dues for the past three years, amazingly stabile compared with other HOAs.   The association is professionally managed and staffed.  Although King County is responsible for roads and sidewalks, Trilogy at Redmond Ridge takes care of the rest including common areas and curbside yards and plantings. Some homeowners choose to create and care for curbside landscaping themselves, often with spectacular results.  Every Trilogy at Redmond Ridge home has curb appeal, every yard is groomed and all common areas are meticulously maintained.  And,   it’s a lovely and safe place for a walk anytime down its tree-lined streets.

Sales and Markets

Professional Observations

I believe that now is a very good time to sell a house.    Interest rates are in fact rising but remain well below those of just a few years ago.  Economists quoted in the media suggest the cost of money might become even more expensive.

Trilogy at Redmond Ridge is rather a special market.  It has stability.  Home prices are going up.  Days on the market are down to 42, but that’s a figure in itself an anomaly.  There were some sales of homes that had been on the market for 170 and 180 days, and more for weeks longer than average.  On the other hand, a house that is well prepared, well presented and well-priced might sell in a couple of days.  Some have.

What is truly interesting to me is that the number of houses now for sale, only 14 as of the close of business June 30.  In that sense, it’s a predictable market.  It also is the sign that the Trilogy at Redmond Ridge market is healthy and replenishes itself without sharp peaks and valleys.

It’s a good place for investment, financially and emotionally.

Some Private Thoughts

Some folks think about selling but wonder if it really is the right time.  That’s a very personal decision, one that I wouldn’t presume to influence.  Only they and their families can.   I can offer economic facts and guide them to resources that can help them reach the best answer for them and theirs.  I’m always delighted to just sit down over coffee and share thoughts about real estate and the market.  I look forward to such opportunities.  It’s a chance to listen and better understand how clients, and maybe potential clients, think about their homes and futures.  That’s a very real part of my job.

The most important part of my job is working with people so that if they do choose to sell, they can be sure that my experience, skills and energy – even elbow grease – is there so they can have a home that is well-prepared to show, that is well-presented and advertised and that is well-priced for an expeditious sale.

That’s the job of a professional.  That’s what the Elephant does.  Prepares, presents and prices.

That’s a wrap for June.  We’ll see you next month.

If we may serve you in any way, just let us know. I can be reached directly at (425) 501-8424 or [email protected].

Thanks for sharing your time with us.  We value it.

Warmest Regards,

Devin & Bridgette

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