Trilogy at Redmond Ridge Market Report – January 2013, Redmond WA Real Estate

It’s a great start for the market as the New Year begins.  It’s also the beginning of a fresh start for Trilogy at Redmond Ridge

First, the year is starting with TWO sales in January.

  • $389,000 for the Townsend next to the Luxury Home tour site – sold by yours truly.
  • $329,900 for a rare Angeles sale, Trilogy’s smallest home.

Both sold for asking price with just five days on the market for the Angeles – probably because of the price point – and 123 days for the Townsend.

There’s a lot of national news about an improving market.  Trilogy at Redmond Ridge’s position as a community that has a strong real estate market is clear.  It’s great, and as of Feb. 6, there were only 17 homes for sale in the community:

  • A Discovery foreclosure now on the market for about a month.  The bank took it back after it failed to sell after a very long time on the market.
  • A Chelan at $339,000, about three weeks on the market
  • A Sammamish at $439,000, about a month with a for sale sign
  • Two Washington plans, one at $395,000 which probably because of lethargic marketing has been for sale for nine months; the other is offered at $409,000 and has been on the market about four months.

There are few homes for sale among the smallest models, nor is there much competition to sell Island Collection homes.

  • One Whidbey at $524,950, new to the market.
  • Two Bainbridge models, one just listed at $494,500 and another for two months and a few days in a particularly desirable location for $624,888.

The competition is among Hemlocks.  Right now, six are available.

  • $619,000, only two days since listing
  • $639,000, just over a month on the market
  • $649,950, not even a week and it’s the closest home in Trilogy to the club…absolutely the closest home to the club!
  • $655,000, available to buy for the past month
  • $675,000, for sale for not yet three weeks
  • 679,950, on the market not quite five months

There are two other large floor plans available including:

  • A Cedar at $649,950, on the market for about two months
  • A Maryhill at $899,000, for sale for about seven weeks

Meanwhile, according to the Northwest Multiple Listing Service, Shea Homes has one spec house on the market, a Bainbridge at $502,900…available since SEPTEMBER 8TH OF 2011 – THAT’S 517 DAYS!  Since it was put on the market, 74 weeks or 17 months or a year and 152 days ago, the price has been raised Three Times!.  Three new houses built by Shea likely met the developer’s business plan were all closed on January 31 for $405,000, $584,000 and $617,000

Trilogy at Redmond Ridge will be reborn

There’s some other news from Shea.  The developer’s longest term sales person who began work eight and a half years ago, not long after I started with Shea, has announced he’s jumping ship to work in the resale market.

Shea’s sales reps say they are optimistic about selling a lot of houses in 2013.  They say that there are only about 20 lots left before they declare Trilogy is “built out” and then pack up to sell lots and buildings at other Shea developments such as one near Lacy or another just beyond Puyallup.

That means Trilogy at Redmond Ridge will be reborn.  Already Trilogy at Redmond Ridge residents are selecting an additional two directors for the homeowners’ association board of directors.  That will give folks who live in the community a majority on the board.  More will be elected later.

Trilogy at Redmond Ridge has a balanced budget with reserves.  It has a manicured landscape and throughout the community homes are being refreshed inside and repainted outside.  The Cascade Club and Cyber Café have been refurbished.

It’s a great way to start the New Year, and a perfect time to think about some statistics and facts.

People move about every seven years, sometimes to a similar community with a similar lifestyle because of a job or because friends and family are closer.  Sometimes, especially with people retiring, it’s because they want to be active where they can pursue their interests.

Sometimes people move on because they need a new life style, one a little less active.

Why isn’t so important.  What is very important to folks ready for a new environment and what they can expect when they choose a real estate broker.

Trilogy at Redmond Ridge isn’t ordinary.  There are exceptional considerations when you buy and sell in such a community, considerations well beyond the standard commissions, taxes and closing costs. Trilogy at Redmond Ridge has special legal requirements and some fees and obligations not a part of selling an ordinary house in any neighborhood.

The broker a homeowner chooses certainly must be expert in pricing and the usual processes to list, sell and close a home in Trilogy at Redmond Ridge.  Such a broker also must have experience and skills – and the energy to use both – so that a home owner selling can have confidence those special requirements will be satisfied, repairs and upgrades arranged so that there is no issue about the pre-closing inspection, and that the price will be fair to seller and buyer.

That’s a lot of extra work for the broker.  It’s what I do and I have the team to get it done quickly, perfectly and with no stress for the seller.  I also  accept the obligation of investing in staging, marketing, fixing any structural problems and being directly involved in guiding the contract and closing processes. Feel free to call me about just how much we do complimentary. It’s unheard of but who cares; you’ve earned it and it works.

Many of the 97 houses sold in Trilogy at Redmond Ridge last year were my listings and my sales.

There’s a reason.

And, if you would like a complete list of all sales, model by model, with prices and time on the market, I have it.  I mailed it to many folks I’ve met in Trilogy at Redmond Ridge and would be very happy to mail you one.

In fact, if you wish, I’ll drop one off personally.   Just tell me where and when. I take two creams and one sugar.

This Month’s Special Member:

Please, welcome Greta Jenkins if you get the chance. She is a very sweet lady who just bought one of the cutest homes in Trilogy next to the Luxury Homes on the 17th Fairway. You’ll love her Norwegian accent and general good nature. Greta is the mother of Barbara Rodgers, who has been with Hos Brothers for 14 years which did the majority of the infrastructure for Trilogy; she has a very cute pooch named Lokie and a very friendly feline named Fluffy. This, truly, is a new beginning for Greta. Bridgette and I think she would love to share all of that with new friends.  Welcome to paradise, Greta! You’re going to really enjoy it.

That’s a wrap and we’ll see you next month. In the meantime, keep your eyes out for some very informative & short bi-weekly articles we’ve been burning to find the time to inform you about and you won’t want to miss them. Subjects include how Real Estate Broker’s commissions really work, the perils of too-protective home inspectors, the true benefits of selling and owning….and more.

Thanks for all the referrals and allowing us to serve so many terrific people. We really appreciate it.

Devin & Bridgette Sanford


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