Trilogy at Redmond Ridge Market Report – February 2013, Redmond WA Real Estate

Sales and pricing are on the rise in Trilogy at Redmond Ridge

February sales were more than double those in January.  Five resell homes closed escrow and the state collected excise tax on five new construction houses.  Ten closed sales are a big number for February.

Prices during February rose dramatically.  Shea Homes responded by raising its prices on the homes it has left to sell including some yet to be constructed.

That’s an overall glimpse.  Let’s get detailed and personal since selling a home is a detailed and personal process.   First, just what was sold in February?

Sold Homes in Trilogy at Redmond Ridge

Union on Big Leaf Way     $315,000

This was a short sale that took almost a year to close at a price well below today’s market. If you plan to sell a Union or comparable home, don’t worry.  There have been many sales since providing appraisers with realistic comp’s.

My thought: I’ll price the two Unions I’m selling for much more

Two Hemlocks   $689,000 in days, full asking price

$580,000, 144 days on the market

One had more features and fewer “fixes” justifying a higher asking price.  The seller invited my team to take over from a local agent after the home had been on the market 113 days.  A month later, after professional staging and some fixes and makeovers to assure a successful inspection the sale closed.

My thought:  We applied the “secret of the elephant.”  We never forget extra effort and we never forget that we’ve never been fired.

Monticello in Division One    $717,700

The asking price was $727,700.  It sold after 50 days on the market.

 My Thought:  Solid evidence buyers will invest in quality.

Maryhill   $755,000

A second broker took it over and after 262 days on the market, the unit changed hands.

My thought: Working hard, very hard, to justify the homeowner’s confidence leads to success.

Trilogy at Redmond Ridges sales statistics show the community to be a notch above national market improvement.  That could change quickly.  Interest rates are up half a point in the last 30 days and inventory is growing.  Folks thinking about selling might want to accelerate the thought process if they will catch the spike in the market.  While I don’t believe prices will slip significantly, I do believe that every dime counts when you are converting one of your life’s biggest investments from property to cash.  Seize the opportunities.

There’s more, February’s Pending Sales

(Those with an agreement but escrow hasn’t closed.)

Pending sales were nearly triple those of January.  As of March 3, there were 14 with three more awaiting inspection.  That means there is a lot more inventory which is turning over faster with reduced time on the market – about two months for “active” properties. Shea has three spec houses pending, one a Nice which has been on the market for about a week and two Bainbridge plans which have been on the market a lot longer, combined for nearly three years.

My thoughts:  It’s not the floor plan; it’s where the floor plan lies.  If a developer doesn’t invest in landscaping to create “street appeal,” and some extras in back for “deck appeal,” well, buyers are reluctant to spend a life’s savings on something that’s just not all that appealing.  Fortunately, resells seldom have that issue.

And Still More…What’s Active in Trilogy at Redmond Ridge

What is actively on the market?  Sixteen Resells including:

Seven Hemlocks

Prices range from $599,000 to a “short sale” at $675,000.  That is a whopper of a “short sale.”  It’s for a home that was leveraged to the maximum.   It’s an unfortunate situation, and just as unfortunate that it can impact other sales.

My Thought:  Sometimes setting a price really is just the confidence a broker has in his skills and experience.

A Sammamish

Fifty days on the market at $439,000.

A Washington

In a few days, a year on the market at $395,000

My Thought:  It’s a nice home.  I can’t imagine why so long and so low

Three Bainbridge models

$624,888 (golf course, trails and close to the Cascade club)

$619,000 (great looking unit with golf course views)

$499,888 (some special issues)

A Maryhill

On the golf course, 114 days on the market, listed at $899,900

A Vancouver

The “Off Market” Vancouver at $529,000 is back onto the available list.

Shea’s new houses include a spec Hemlock at $689,900, and what is right now the least expensive Trilogy at Redmond Ridge house, a Chelan at $387,900.  The remaining lots and spec houses are in between and, for all practical purposes, they are gone.

Some Housekeeping Please

Why does our “Trilogy Market Report” come to you so late in the month? 

It’s not all about advertising.  It is about getting you the facts.  That means a lot of research and study to be sure we’re reporting it correctly.   It takes time.  It can’t be done until after the statistics and data are available and that’s after the last day of the month.   We won’t guess or speculate.

Reports produced earlier clearly lack depth, thoughtfulness and probably accuracy. One showed a Discovery was sold last month for $315K.  Actually, it was a Union “short sale.” This might not be important unless you are thinking about selling your Union or a comparable home.  Another flyer said there were four “solds.”  There were five, the fifth a Maryhill for more than $750,000.

In the news business, if you make a mistake you have to publish a correction.  That’s embarrassing.  Your forfeit your credibility.   We think that’s true of our business, of any business.  We want you to think of our reports as a resource you can bank on, not marketing propaganda.

Trilogy at Redmond Ridge is a wonderful community.  We’ve known that for a decade.  Some real estate agents have just figured it out.  So, they inundate you with flyers and email.  Our track record shows we apply our experience and knowledge for the benefit of those who entrust us to sell their homes.

If there’s something you’d like to know more about, or if you are just curious, call us.  We enjoy chatting about what we do and how we do it.  When you’re ready, we’ll invest all we know and can do to sell your home.

We hope our “Market Report” has value for you.  We’ve been a part of Trilogy at Redmond Ridge for a long time and earnestly feel we are making a positive difference.    Maybe one of your neighbors might like to receive our “Market Report.  It’s easy, just register at on the homepage of our website

We might not be first, but we will be accurate and complete. It’s like good wine.  We pour when it’s perfect.  Thanks for reading and if we may serve you in any way, just let us know. You can reach me directly at 425.501.8424 or [email protected].

That’s a wrap for February 2013. We’ll see you next month!

Warmest Regards,

Devin & Bridgette

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