Trilogy at Redmond Ridge Market Report – December 2014, Redmond WA Real Estate

Trilogy welcomes four new families to warm up the following floor plans; An ARCH Chelan at $310,000, a Whidbey for $545,000, a Maple at $699,950 and a Cedar floor plan at $705,000.

Take a look:

Model Original Asking Price Asking Price when Sold Sale Price Days on Market
Chelan (ARCH Home) $318,691 $318,691 $310,000 228
Whidbey $559,000 $552,900 $545,000 112
Maple $750,000 $699,950 $699,950 45
Cedar $769,950 $700,000 $705,000 123


*Homes in bold; the Elephant’s Work representing the buyers in both cases. 

Six New Pending Sales!

Here’s what’s currently pending or Pending Inspection. These are homes which have reached mutual terms between a buyer and a seller but have not yet recorded with the county. There are six:

Model Original Asking Price Current Asking Price Days on Market
Angeles (Pending Inspection) $395,000 $395,000 11
Orchard $445,000 $445,000 7
Whidbey $554,900 $554,900 7
Vashon $589,000 $589,000 44
Monticello $849,950 $849,950 47
Redford $1,025,000 $950,000 105


*Homes in bold; the Elephant’s Work of representing either the Seller, Buyer or both.

We’ve been saying it for months and these pending sales, once again, represent how quickly the lower price range homes find buyers due to pent up demand in this price range. Notice who’s representing the sellers of the highest price ranged homes.  In tough times, it doesn’t hurt to have an Elephant on your side. They’re known for breaking down large trees.

What’s Actively for Sale?

Model Original Price Asking Price Days on Market Elephant thoughts:
Washington $500,000 $500,000 44 Greenbelt Home
Vashon $504,900 $504,900 39
Vancouver $599,950 $599,950 107  
Cedar $699,000 $699,000 149 Back on Market
Hemlock $709,000 $709,000 58 One Year Old Home
Hemlock $785,000 $785,000 73 Golf Course & View
Monticello $825,000 $825,000 205


*Homes in bold; the Elephant’s listing that’s anticipating an offer.

Please, keep in mind all of the included data is as of December 31st, 2014 at midnight for month over month accuracy. Statuses of some of these homes have changed by the time you receive this report. Add the appropriate days per the month of January for time on market of available homes.

The Match Tic

Low High Prior Month December
8 (January) 68 (June) 31 21


The total amount of all Northwest Multiple Listing statuses measured 31 at month end. Status may include Active (Homes currently available for sale), Pending Inspection (Homes under contract but still in the home inspection process), Pending (Homes that have worked through the inspection process successfully), Sold (Homes that have closed escrow), Contingent (Sold homes that are contingent upon the buyer selling their own home) and TOMK or BOMK (Homes that are either Temporarily Off Market or Back on Market after being temporarily unavailable.)

Note: All that are currently available are posted at Just scroll over to the Trilogy tab and select “Current Trilogy Listings” from the dropdown list. For all listings, “Click” the big green tab to the right.  It says, “View all Trilogy at Redmond Ridge Listings.” Within this report, we share what is available at the first of the month for consistent and measurable month over month reporting.

Final Tidbits

  • Thinking of Selling? Please, allow us to save you numerous phone calls and possible embarrassment throughout the neighborhood, by sharing this advice: “Don’t tell anyone outside of your most trusted friends. Rumors and the grape vine spread faster than influenza and everyone knows a pesky “Realtor.”  Your secret just may save you money.
  • According to Northwest Multiple Listing Service data, the facts reveal the Elephant was the top Trilogy listing broker in 2013 and 2014 and the overall top broker in 2014. Thank you, it continues to be an honor! (NWMLS records are available upon request.)

We Love Feedback

We do love feedback and thank you for giving so much of it last month.  Frankly, we were blown away and humbled to know how many are reading the results of our labor. Most of the feedback was regarding our sharing of our members’ feelings regarding the lawsuit. We’re happy to report that it was entirely positive with the exception of one individual. I have a large “positive feedback” file and a stick thin “negative feedback” file.  It seems our members’ feelings are well appreciated. The word is out that the plaintiffs’ attorneys have reached an agreement with Shea Homes and that is great news for all. Congratulations are in order.  It’s time to get back to living the dream.

Once again, your emails are very welcome.  Those of you who wrote know this because I answered all but one.  I will not respond to any kind of prejudice. Moving on, if you have anything you’d like us to address, by all means, drop us a line! Of course we are not perfect so mentoring is very welcome, as well. We love growth in any facet. Thank you, in advance.

That’s a wrap for December and 2014. We wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous year.

Devin, Bridgette & Team