The Original Trilogy at Redmond Ridge Market Report – May 2017

The Original Trilogy at Redmond Ridge Market Report – May 2017

Compliments of Your Neighborhood “Premium Service” Realtor Devin Sanford

Record Sales Price Sure to Spark Confidence!
Uncle Sam Ought to Love Trilogy.
Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone…

A Baker’s Dozen for May
    Uncle Sam Collected Excise Tax on 13 Sales Last Month!

  Model Original Asking Price Asking Price when Sold Final Sale Price Days on Market Northwest Multiple Listing Number
1 Chelan $450,000 $450,000 $476,000 2 1092630
2 Chelan $459,900 $459,900 $477,000 4 1110838
3 Angeles $485,000 $485,000 $501,000 7 1104112
4 Orchard $529,000 $529,000 $570,000 7 1107632
5 Vashon $675,000 $675,000 $660,000 9 1097361
6 Whidbey $675,000 $675,000 $677,000 6 1105263
7 Alder $809,000 $809,000 $783,000 16 1077508
8 Hemlock $825,000 $825,000 $825,000 5 1102664
9 Hemlock $920,000 $920,000 $920,000 0 1117159
10 Monticello $995,800 $995,800 $975,000 8 1098733
11 Maryhill $1,150,000 $1,099,950 $1,080,000 14 1092440
12 Maryhill $1,098,500 $1,098,500 $1,098,500 26 1097583
13 Maryhill $1,297,500 $1,297,500 $1,297,500 9 1100948

Homes in Bold & Green; the Elephant serving Sellers!

Record Sales Price Sure to Spark Confidence may be speculation or a darn good, educated guess. Sold the Elephant Way, the Golf Course Maryhill set a record for being the highest priced production home to ever sell in Trilogy. When we throw the five extremely customized “Shea Homes Luxury Home Tour” models, on the 17th Fairway, in the mix, still only three homes have ever sold for more. Success begets success and there will be more for the Luxury Home Specialist Pachyderm. It’s a skill acquired over 14 years of consistency and knowledge and involves a big checkbook. One doesn’t hire a $100/Hr. attorney when they want to win. They spend several times that and reap the benefits of hiring an expert. There are three types of people in this world; those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who wonder, “what happened.” Make it happen. If you want top dollar, Trunk it!

Seven Seeking Reconveyance of Title

            Here’s What’s Currently “PENDING” the Close of Escrow

  Model Original Asking Price Asking Price when Offer Accepted Days on Market Northwest Multiple Listing Number
1 Discovery $575,000 $575,000 8 1116427
2 Bainbridge $739,000 $739,000 3 1130304
3 Bainbridge $769,000 $769,000 6 1102828
4 Hemlock $929,000 $929,000 5 1120973
5 Hemlock $935,000 $935,000 6 1121879
6 Hemlock $947,700 $937,000 25 1107935
7 Monticello $1,199,000 $1,199,000 7 1104144

Uncle Sam Ought to Love Trilogy because that Frosty Ol’ Chap just collected over 10 Million dollars in excise tax at 1.78% per sale and there are seven or more closings to be levied upon soon. With prices rising, us wee folks should stand alongside golden paths singing, “Follow the Yellow Brick Road”. Of course, we all know the appropriation of those funds is notably beyond our control. Roads are one thing. The gold in our own back yards is another and there are plenty who would pay dearly for a shovel full. Yes, there are limits to just how much one, who is contemplating selling, may realize in net proceeds. A select few have sought selling without exposing the property to over 21,000 Washington State licensed Real Estate Brokers who access properties for their buyers via the Northwest Multiple Listing Service. I don’t advise doing that unless you are working with an absolute expert negotiator with the highest ethics. I’ve seen mistakes by Sellers.

Mother’s Day & Sunshine Furnish Forest Collection Finds

  Model Original Price Asking Price Days on Market Northwest Multiple Listing Number
1 Hemlock $889,950 $889,950 22 1117471
2 Maple $995,000 $995,000 22 1120920

Remember: This inventory is as of the last day of the month. I’m aware things have likely changed by the time you read this so, please, see the note below. I pull data after midnight the last day of the month then, analyze and calculate. Accurate reporting takes a bit of research and I’ll serve no wine before its time. Also, I was in the middle of a move; sorry.

Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone may very well be the theme song for those of you in apartments or guest rooms of gracious hosts missing out on dream home after dream home. She, of course, is an affectionate designate for that perfect fit in the home you seek. Have faith; she does exist. Acquiring requires skill; one that few brokers muster in a market like this. The sad fact is that more brokers miss out on having their clients’ offers accepted than those who win in a bidding war. Money is wasted on pre-inspections one or multiple times only to get the “bad news” phone call of “close but no cigar”. I’ve only lost one bidding war this year when representing buyers and was happy to do so, as were my clients. A slightly lower bid, otherwise identical I’m told, was accepted due to the Buyer being willing to release an enormous earnest money to the Seller within three days of a mutually accepted agreement. I wouldn’t recommend to a client/buyer that they give money to someone they don’t even know on the faith that person will close escrow. That is just plain foolish. There are too many scams out there. Patience is a virtue and you always get out of life what you want the most. Stay in interim housing until the right situation comes along. It will.

Note: All currently available listings are posted at on the home page. Hover over the Trilogy tab and select “Current Trilogy Listings” from the dropdown list. For all listings, click “View all Trilogy at Redmond Ridge Listings.” Within this report, we share what is available at the first of the month for consistent and measurable month over month reporting.

Here’s a Recap of Year-to-Date Sales:

  Jan. Feb. March April May June July August Sept. Oct. Nov. YTD:
$old 6 6 4 7 13             36
Pending 9 3 5 12 7              
Active 2 3 5 1 2              

That’s a wrap for May. We hope these facts have been helpful. We measure our success by how well we serve others. If you have a real estate need, please, give Devin a call. (425) 501-8424

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