The Original Trilogy at Redmond Ridge Market Report

The Original Trilogy at Redmond Ridge Market Report

Plenty of Purchases as Pachyderm Predicted…

       Seeing Mutual Agreements Slightly Slowing….

                 Buyers Settling Down Yet Still Interested…


15 August Closings

Here’s what closed Escrow during August!


  Model Northwest Multiple Listing Number Original Asking Price Asking Price when Sold Final Sale Price Days on Market
1 Union (ARCH) 1275071 $533,614 $533,614 $533,600 89
2 Townsend 1318287 $600,000 $600,000 $600,000 5
3 Townsend 1333116 $610,000 $610,000 $612,000 6
4 Discovery 1327953 $625,000 $625,000 $635,000 2
5 Madison 1307863 $689,000 $689,000 $689,000 8
6 Madison 1327522 $669,950 $669,950 $692,500 4
7 Vashon 1313829 $759,950 $729,000 $724,000 26
8 Bainbridge 1279583 $775,000 $745,000 $740,000 91
9 Bainbridge 1311128 $750,000 $750,000 $776,000 10
10 Hemlock 1309579 $899,999 $875,000 $867,500 29
11 Hemlock 1328933 $998,000 $998,000 $981,000 14
12 Cedar 1310596 $995,000 $995,000 $997,000 32
13 Alder 1290604 $1,150,000 $999,900 $999,900 52
14 Hemlock 1327623 $997,990 $997,990 $1,075,000 2
15 Hemlock 1327054 $1,139,000 $1,139,000 $1,145,000 4

Homes in Bold & Green; the Elephant Representing SELLERS!


Hot August Nights for the Hemlock, Our Feature Floor Plan


It wasn’t hard to predict, in my June/July Report that we’d have plenty of closings in August due to the 15 Pending at the time. It’s a bit of a coincidence that we had exactly 15 closings; not all the same as were held up in Escrow. Our featured floor plan for August is the ever-popular Hemlock. With four closing, two in Escrow and another on the market, why not. First known to me as the 6220 Plan (Builder Blue Prints), the Hemlock has been Trilogy at Redmond Ridge’s most coveted plan. Easily recognized by the front Courtyard Entrance, the model was recognized by Builder Magazine as the #1 Floor Plan for a Production Builder under 2,500 square feet in the Country. The open concept design with vaulted Great Room, Formal Entry & Dining ceilings provides a grandiose feeling, even though it’s the baby of the two larger groups of homes. These are the Forest and Estate Collections and they adorn standard 3-car garages and 10-foot interiors. August sales prices ranged from$867,500 to $1,145,000. Top and bottom were both close to the club. The other was an interior lot with an over-sized patio and a relatively private lot. The low-end was the most conservatively upgraded Hemlock I’ve seen in my 15 years. The high end was just that, high-end and a lovely golf course home with warm tones, a remodeled Kitchen and all the bells and whistles. A veteran Trilogy Listing Broker listed both top and bottom and I doubt a non-veteran would have recognized the vast differences.


Six Access Escrow Sliding into September

            Here’s what Uncle Sam is waiting to collect on…

  Model Northwest Multiple Listing Number Original Asking Price Asking Price when Offer Accepted Days on Market
1 Orchard 1346285 $749,000 $749,000 8
2 Whidbey* 1348383 $775,000 $775,000 3
3 Maple 1346285 $925,000 $879,950 62
4 Hemlock 1331320 $880,000 $880,000 27
5 Cedar 1340261 $999,500 $999,500 6
6 Hemlock 1330349 $1,125,000 $1,125,000 4

(*Pending Inspection)

A recent article in the Seattle Times stated, “Sellers have gone from giddy to Less giddy” and “For Buyers things have gone from depressing to less depressing.” I’d say that’s accurate. There’s common chatter among my counter-parts. “The market is changing” we’re all saying. That’s everywhere in our area. Although half a dozen to a dozen at any one time in this community is not a lot. We have nearly 75% more inventory in King County than we had this same time last year and that’s allowing Buyers to be a bit more selective. I’m certainly, seeing this in Trilogy. I used to put a home on the market and it was sold before the ink dried on the listing agreement. Now, my Sellers are having to show the homes many times in most cases before getting an offer. It’s different. I’m, also, seeing more shoppers comparing Trilogy to other Eastside, non-resort neighborhoods. This tells me, we might be pushing the envelope here with pricing and Buyer’s Agents are seeing it. Having been said, the homes are still selling and, when presented and negotiated strongly, at or near full-price. If they’re not, it’s likely the name of a Broker new to Trilogy on the sign. Six-figure price drops say a lot.


Eight Active at End of August Doubling July


  Model Northwest Multiple Listing Number Original Asking Price Current Asking Price Days on Market
1 Discovery 1354449 $620,000 $620,000 4
2 Union 1350028 $679,950 $679,950 12
3 Vashon 1347412 $735,000 $735,000 12
4 Monaco 1296052 $795,000 $765,000 103
5 Bainbridge 1350166 $775,000 $775,000 12
6 Whidbey 1345359 $799,500 $799,500 18
7 Whidbey 1346315 $810,000 $810,000 18
8 Hemlock 1343836 $1,195,000 $1,075,000 26

Remember, this inventory is as of the last day of the month. It’s an accurate way to review sales month over month.

Homes in Bold & Green; the Elephant Representing SELLERS!

The Island Collection Is dominating availability so, by the time you’ve received this report, seven of the eight homes above will be under $800,000, with exception of the Hemlock that experienced a rapid $120,000 price drop! Clearly, it was priced too high to begin with, especially for a home so far from the Hub. The rest of us seem to be holding out for price, realizing buyers are shopping more slowly. I don’t see any of the remaining homes priced out of whack. Those that move into the “Pending” and eventually, “Sold” categories, will require diligent follow-up, justification of asking price and elbow grease by the Listing brokers. Some will have the right rear end for the seat, plain and simple. Again, our market is still terrific, in fact, the best in the nation so there’s lots to be happy about. Remember that Trilogy is unique and ahead of the market curve. When we peak in pricing first, we also, are the first to settle down . You’re fine. Values aren’t falling. They’re just leveling. If you have an exceptionally opulent home, and there aren’t many, you have the exception to the rule and you can still expect to sell quickly and bring a pretty penny, with a strong presentation.


Trunk it with my Trilogy Counterpart in California


Coming to you from Trilogy at La Quinta, California. My exclusive partnership with Donna, in the Palm Springs Desert, provides our customers options for seamlessly investing, buying or renting in Trilogy at la Quinta and Trilogy Polo Club. If you’re seeking a sunny, warm, Winter spot to vacation or call home, we can help get you there. Ask the Elephant How.


The Oasis boasts terrific upgrades and a large property ready for the pool installation. The Talea is the ultimate in luxury and has all the amenities including a 35-panel Solar System. If you’d like more information on either of these modes or would like us to keep an eye out for something else, give the Elephant a call. I have big ears!

Oasis Model at La Quinta

3 Bed/3 Bath  |  1,806 Sq. Ft.  |  $498,000

Talea Model at La Quinta

3 Bed/3 Bath  |  2,624 Sq. Ft.  |  $619,000


Here’s a Recap of Year-to-Date Stats:

*New Days on Market (D.O.M.) Watch!

  Jan. Feb. Mar. April May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. YTD
$old 4 5 6 8 17 12 7 15         74
Pending 7 7 7 15 9 6 15 7          
Active 3 1 9 9 7 9 4 8          
$old D.O.M. 38 19 10 17 17 21 15 25          


Final Thoughts:


The market is still strong and, candidly, I’m glad to see things beginning to return to normal. The key word is beginning. Sellers are still positioned well but inventory will continue to grow for a few weeks yet and we’re beginning to see small price drops to tip fence sitters into making offers. Now, more than ever, Sellers are going to need a professional presentation with a Listing Broker who is not spread too thin. Brokers collecting listings and trying to take over the world will find themselves with not enough fingers to plug the holes in the dam. Sellers wishing to get top price should hire someone who can take a few hours on the phone to work it hard and think it through first.


We’re at 74 sales year to date and that’s not too shabby. By December 31st, I suspect we’ll slip under the 102 or more sales we’ve had for the last few consecutive years and end with double digits. The first week of January usually finds the early bird getting the worm and I’m optimistic for Spring. No doubt, if things tighten up a bit more, there will be a thinning of the Realtor heard and the more experienced Brokers, along with tired shoppers, will work closer toward a normal market place.


That’s a wrap for August. Thank you for reading. We hope this has been useful. We measure our success by how well we serve others. If you have a real estate need, please, drop Devin a line.


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