THE ELEPHANT PRESENTS The “Original” Trilogy at Redmond Ridge

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The ELEPHANT PRESENTS The “Original” Trilogy at Redmond Ridge

Market Report: January | February | March


2020  Surprisingly off to a Great Start…

        People Still Need to Buy and Sell Properties…

              First Quarter Emotional yet Surpasses 2019…


January Generates Two Sales…

  Model Square Footage NWMLS


Original Asking Price Asking Price when Sold Final Sale Price Days on Market Remarks
1 Chelan 1300 1521317 $549,950 $530,000 $527,500 74  
2 Orchard 1436 1548611 $652,900 $652,900 $652,900 2 Attached on two sides

The Elephant Representing SELLERS

The Pachyderm produced the first closing of 2020, setting an all-time high pricing record for an attached Orchard floor plan, bringing 100% of asking price in two days. The  Chelan was listed by discount brokers and brought 95.92% of the asking price in 74 days.

February Finishes with Eight Sales…

  Model Square Footage NWMLS


Original Asking Price Asking Price when Sold Final Sale Price Days on Market Remarks
1 Sammamish 1640 1523353 $615,979 $615,979 $615,979 110 231st Lane
2 Vashon 1612 1569336     $630,000 0 Sold-Unlisted
3 Discovery 1350 1556451 $648,000 $648,000 $648,000 4 Stand Alone Home
4 Vashon 1575 1543948 $739,000 $739,000 $730,000 26 Division 6
5 Whidbey 1671 1551878 $789,000 $779,000 $779,000 9 Highly Upgrades!
6 Bainbridge 1870 1554958 $829,000 $829,000 $839,000 1 Sunbreak Way
7 Nice 1960 1550154 $889,000 $889,000 $889,000 3 Rare Find Home.
8 Oakwood 2827 1549545 $1,338,000 $1,338,000 $1,340,000 3 11th Fairway!

It was a very good February, doubling last year’s four sales, and there was a nice spread in price range. If you’re curious, a “Sold-Unlisted” property is just that; an arrangement between a Buyer and a Seller, conducted through their individual Brokers, hopefully by the rules. The home is not listed on the Northwest Multiple Listing Service for other Brokers to show or compete. However, the sale is reported for statistical tracking, after the close of Escrow.


March Manages 10 Sales…

  Model Square Footage NWMLS


Original Asking Price Asking Price when Sold Final Sale Price Days on Market Remarks
1 Chelan 1300 1566291 $499,950 $499,950 $505,000 0 Mahonia Place
2 Discovery 1350 1566291 $619,950 $619,950 $627,500 2 Greenbelt Home Site
3 Vashon 1611 1561300 $725,000 $725,000 $727,000 12 Interior Lot
4 Whidbey 1670 1555046 $765,500 $765,500 $765,500 6 Lovely Territorial View
5 Madison 1810 1550094 $799,900 $799,900 $779,900 30 Stand Alone below wall
6 Bainbridge 1870 1568434 $849,000 $849,000 $849,000 1 Super Close to Club
7 Hemlock 2310 1559097 $929,950 $929,950 $929,950 3 Served both Parties.
8 Hemlock 2300 1566776 $985,000 $965,000 $955,000 15 Sunbreak Way
9 Maple 2520 1558314 $998,000 $998,000 $998,000 3 Cul-de-Sac, Greenbelt
10 Maple 2370 1575936 $1,128,000 $1,128,000 $1,128,000 1 Golf Course, Pond View

The Elephant Representing BUYERS & SELLERS!

Of course, January started off slow as not many homes go into Escrow during November and December. February and the Ides of March changed the story. Again, there was a nice spread of prices ranging from just over $500K to well over the Million Dollar mark for a pleasing golf course home and location near the club. I like to see nice transitional step up from sale number one to sale number 10, with no big gap in-between. It shows a healthy market vs. sales of primarily the entry level homes or those priced for the seemingly wealthy. Everyone gets what they want. Most of us live in the heart of the boulevard. Last year, we had more of the top and bottom which created a rocky middle of the road for some.

Elephant Observations

Rocky Road was mentioned earlier. Maybe there’s a reason that it’s my favorite flavor of ice cream. I seem to be at my best when times are the hardest. Many of you are the same. We get creative, think outside the box and make it happen; more yet, we help those in need. It’s been said, “success happens when preparation and opportunity cross paths.” Perhaps, this whole thing is part of my big move to Compass and there was a bigger picture than I imagined. “Home” has never meant so much to us and Compass has provided me excellent tools to assist you in getting from one to the next safely. If you had plans, there’s no need to cancel them. Keep your trunk up! Elephants can carry a heavy load. In the meantime, stay positive, stay healthy and stay “Home”.

That’s a wrap for 25% of the year. Let’s keep that 2020 Vision! Thanks for reading. We appreciate it.

A Recap of 2020 Month over Month Statistics:

  Jan. Feb. Mar. April May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. YTD
$old 2 8 10                   20
Pending 7 8 7                    
Active 9 6 7                    
$old D.O.M. 38 19 7                    
Active D.O.M. 63 46 73                    

NOTICE: – Even though my small, family printing company is using every pre-caution, it is possible that physical mailings may need to subside for some time due to the COVID-19 Virus. However, I’ll still be providing these reports via Email. If you’d like to be added to that list, please, email me at [email protected] and we’d be happy to add you to our list of monthly recipients.

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That’s a wrap for now! Thanks so much for reading!!!

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