October 2019 Review of Trilogy at Redmond Ridge

68 Sales Year to Date. Four Pending Set Up a Two-Digit Ending. The Pachyderm’s New 1% Listing Fee!!!

Seven Sales for October

Here are the Homes that Closed Escrow during October!

  Floor Plan/Model NWMLS
Square Footage Original Asking Price Asking Price when Sold Final Sale Price Days on Market Remarks
1 Vashon 1515923 1,560 $688,000 $688,000 $688,000 8    Built in 2011
2 Vancouver 1466825 1,930 $779,000 $699,000 $699,000 333 Hallelujah!
3 Vancouver 1522748 1,920 $729,000 $729,000 $729,000 1 Below Mesa Wall
4 Nice 1507297 1,960 $848,000 $848,000 $848,000 7 5th Nice on Record
5 Bainbridge 1522725 1,870 $848,800 $848,800 $853,801 1 Golf Course/Exceptional
6 Maple 1503796 2,390 $994,000 $994,000 $986,000 6 Very Near Club
7 Maple 1494350 2,380 $1,100,000 $1,100,000 $1,060,000 33 Golf Course

The Elephant Has Square Feet…

Epiphany; a Moment of Sudden Revelation or Insight

As I’ve been doing  a checkup from the neck up and re-evaluate my business strategy as a whole, I’ve come to the realization that, many of you may have questions about a lot of things. You could be new to the neighborhood! It took me long enough, right. One flash could be as simple as your lack of familiarity with the floor plans and their square footage, so as of today, that will be within the included graphs. You must forgive my taking for granted that not all of you had the opportunity to visit the old Model Galleries or Tour Center and take a tour with one of the highly trained, Community Representatives who worked for the developer, Shea Homes, Inc.. If you visited prior to the RCA taking over the offices of the Elephant and his counter-parts, rest assured, you’d have gotten an ear-full of our mandatory canned pitch, developed by some of the best Sales Trainers in the Home Building Industry, aiming to be the Nordstrom or Hilton among Developers. Yes, if you had the pleasure of watching the movie or riding in a golf cart,  it was a long outing but, for the most part, was quite informative.

Rest his soul, a wonderful former Member and great friend, who taught me what little I know about writing and a whole lot about taking the higher road, used to edit these reports. He tagged my unique listing approach one day, calling it “The Elephant Way”. I liked it and kept it.  A little bragging right; among other sales awards, I held the title of #1 Tour Guide for all Trilogy Communities and ended up helping in the development of a new, more sophisticated tour and the training of my peers in the implementation of it. Keep your eye out for the next postcard. I think you’ll be shocked by what you see and, as humbly as it can be stated, realize that it’s very fair for me to say, “I know Trilogy at Redmond Ridge better than any resale Real Estate Broker in the industry.” It’s unambiguous.  If you’re among the group once walking around bewildered as to where to get your mail, what the Cascade Club is all about or who owns that mesa wall your home sits above, don’t be abashed; even most Agents have much to learn. Without specialized training, it’ll take them a decade. If you’d like to help an interested friend avoid such a purchasing experience, give me a call. I love touring and do it unselfishly.

Four Filter into Escrow

An Eclectic Foursome Find Buyers and Await Closing.

Floor Plan/Model NWMLS Number Square Footage Original Asking Price Asking Price when Offer Accepted Days on Market Remarks
1 Chelan 1507463 1,300 $468,950 $468,950 67 ARCH Housing
2 Bainbridge 1521647 1,870 $839,900 $839,900 2 Terrific Street Appeal
3 Cedar 1513590 2,300 $878,000 $849,950 72 Built in 2011/Partial View
4 Cedar 1512631 2,300 $1,100,000 $1,049,000 42 Sharp Home/Entertainment Deck

Remember, Pending Sales are as of the last day of the month. It’s an accurate way to review sales month over month.

Although the 23 counties covered by the Northwest Multiple Listing Service report average sales prices up 7.7% system wide, The MLS also reports, “Sales prices continue to be wide-ranging, not only when comparing counties in the report, but also within many counties.”  This has pretty much always been the case with Trilogy. We beat to our own drum regarding pricing and days on market. However,  we are affected by the overall consumer concern from what we hear and read, resulting in a trickle-down effect to some degree. In other words, we’re not totally immune. Although we’re about a Buyer’s only choice, when looking for the best 55+ game in town, we’re not what could be considered a “market hotspot”. Individually rare or unique Trilogy homes or  home sites may create some excitement or maybe, even a small bidding war but the community in general, seems to maintain the steady as she goes rhythm vs. frenzy. One buyer is all we need.
According to Fortune Builders, the premier real estate education company in the country, Millennials make up over 33% of the home buyer pool and two-thirds of them are first-time buyers. Paired with the incredible employment growth in our area and high-paying tech jobs, they’re primarily, who create the hot spots we’re reading about.  Year-to-date, after a late-Summer/early Fall market correction, the average Trilogy home has appreciated 3.2% year-over-year and the median price just over 5.1%. Although a handful of unusually long days on market sales slightly skew the numbers over the 365 days of the year, the average TRR home, which took just 20 days to sell in 2018 now takes 48.  Those numbers are based on sales from January 2019 until the present. The market changed significantly during the year. As of the last few months, 90 days on market is what we resort community residents could consider the new norm for a listed home. King and Snohomish counties are at 80 and 70, respectively; not too different. It’s the hot pockets that are much faster. Therefore, regardless of what neighborhood a Broker works or Farms, as we Brokers say, they need to know the difference.  Sadly, few do.

Inventory Holds Steady Around Nine…
Trilogy Inventory as of Halloween

Floor Plan/Model NWMLS Number Square Footage Original Asking Price Current Asking Price Days on Market Remarks
1 Chelan 1507463 1,300 $549,950 $549,950 29 Lowest Price Point
2 Sammamish 1523353 1,640 $615,979 $615,979 29 Affordable Housing Stipulation
3 Orchard 1528373 1,436 $648,000 $648,000 22 Shared Wall & Garages
4 Washington 1532530 1,910 $688,000 $688,000 15 Greenbelt View atop Wall
5 Townsend 1530439 1,335 $695,000 $695000 22 Updated and Rare Stand Alone
6 Washington 1436460 1,871 $734,000 $724,000 206 Mtn. View, Newer & Near Club
7 Bainbridge 1441906 1,870 $815,000 $759,950 197 Best Bang for the Buck!
8 Maple 1468556 2,312 $899,995 $839,995 111 Internet Broker Presentation
9 Hemlock 1527392 2,170 $1,195,000 $985,000 358 A Shy Year on the Market!

Remember, this inventory is as of the last day of the month. It’s an accurate way to review sales month over month.
Homes in Bold & Green; the Elephant Representing SELLERS!
Most Buyers want at least some back yard and so we find a few lovely listings without that feature , accommodating showings but waiting for that right someone to write an offer.  Other homes have different challenges like adjoining walls, proximity to traffic, etc.. While those Sellers work hard, the easy pickings of smaller and/or rare homes come on the market and turn around in one to 10 days. Those can be seen within the sold graph above.

Here’s a Recap of Year-to-Date Stats:

Jan. Feb. Mar. April May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. YTD
$old 2 4 8 10 4 6 8 9 10 7 68
Pending 5 5 11 4 5 7 9 13 9 5
Active 9 8 12 20 19 19 18 9 7 9
$old D.O.M. 3.5 42 52 36 7 65 38 48 88 56
Active D.O.M. 87 95 52 53 69 78 90 87 86 110

Why the New 1% Listing Fee?
   Because I care about you and I care about me

  1. You deserve the best representation available, I am a Trilogy Member Defender. I want you in my care. I’ve put my heart and soul into this community for 16 years and It’s just how I’m wired. I’m a nurturer.
  2. I want the business.
    • I’ve been licensed Longer Than the Other Guys, Offer Superior Service, Five-Times the Trilogy Experience, Hundreds more Sales, Far Superior Brochures, Signage , Website and Google Search Placement, Everything below and so much more.
    • Why would you hire anyone else?

When You Hire a Premium Broker, You can Expect a Premium Price, Not a Premium Fee!
1% Listing Fee Exclusively for Trilogy Homeowners – Why Would You Hire Anyone Else?

FYI, my competitors clearly post their industry standard services outside their storefront, on their mailers and their website. The list is nothing more than the typical requirements of any Real Estate Licensee. They have nothing to lose. The Elephant has not posted his “Premium Services”  for others to copy in the past. Finding out has had to be from a successful neighbor or a meeting with the Pachyderm. However, now that I’m offering an opportunity to benefit from my new commission rate, to every Trilogy Seller, go ahead and sneak a peek at just some of the services this “Premium Service Broker” has to offer.

  • Managing Broker – Highest Real Estate License Available 
  • First-Hand Shea Homes Construction & Infrastructure Expertise 
  • Comprehensive Market Analysis
  • Complete Pre-Market Service Provider Scheduling
  • Complimentary Professional Staging Consultation
  • High-Definition, Magazine Quality Photography
  • 4-Page Full-Color, Glossy, Fold-Out Flyers w/QR Code
  • Online Flip-Flyer to Capture Buyers
  • One-of-a-Kind Night Reflective Signage so Drivers See You!
  • Top Ranking Google Search Exposure on www.DevinSanfordHomes.com
  • Internet Presence on the NWMLS, Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com & Many Others!
  • Personal Premium Property Website with Web-Tracking!
  • Featured Placement in the Monthly Trilogy Market Report
  • Survey System to Collect Showing Agent & Buyer Feedback
  • Referral Network of Packers, Movers, Estate Sales & Planning Experts
  • 16 Years of Pachyderm Packing Trilogy Experience & Personal Attention!

• Serving Trilogy Since 2003 (16 Years!)
• 400+ Trilogy Homes Sold
• Former Designated Broker & Lead Sales Representative
• Regional Trilogy Tour Champion & Recipent of Numerous Awards from Shea Homes, Inc., the Developer
• Two Decades as a Licensed Broker in Washington State – Since 1999
• Accredited Buyer’s Representative
• Zillow Five-Star Agent & Local Expert
• Voted Five-Star Professional in Seattle Magazine Eight Years Running
• #1 Volume Broker Among Five “Preview Group” Offices

“Honesty is the best policy – when there is money in it.”
– Mark Twain

That’s a wrap for October 2019! Thanks so much for reading!!!

If your home is currently listed with another Broker, this offer is not intended as a solicitation of your listing.
1% Listing Fee + Minimum 2.5% Buyer’s Broker Fee . This offer is for Trilogy Residents Only.

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