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The city of Snohomish is in Snohomish County, Washington. The city spans 3.60 square miles, .16 square miles of which is covered with water. Snohomish takes great pride in its historic downtown area, which is comprised by both historic business and residential areas. The Snohomish Historic District is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and many of the homes and businesses bear plagues with years and family names of the original owners.

The town was founded in about 1858 and bore the name Cadeyville, it did not become Snohomish until 1871. The city was one of the first inland cities in the Puget Sound area. The city was incorporated in 1890 and by 1899 the town had 2,000 residents and 25 businesses. The prosperity of the region was tied to agriculture and so they did not feel the bite of the Great Depression like the rest of the country. In 1990 the First Street area of the city was redeveloped to protect, preserve and intigrate the precious historic buildings of the city.

Snohomish thrives in retail and entertainment and is considered a flourishing tourist tourist destination, especially for those searching for antiques. There are 30 specialty shops including multiple antique stores. Drinking and dining options are numerous with 25 restaurants and taverns within the city. If you are looking to relax Snohomish is the place with 13 different spas and salons to choose from. Local attractions include the Blackman House Museum, the Arts of Snohomish Gallery, as well as historic sites and parks. The County of Snohomish has both a county bus and a van-pool service to help residents with their transportation needs.

According to the 2012 United States Census Snohomish was home to 9,098 residents. Real Estate options include houses for sale, condominiums, townhouses and apartments for rent or lease. Homes range from starter homes with one or two bedrooms and single bath up to four and five bedroom homes with three bathrooms or more. According to real estate statistics from 2009 the median home value for houses and condominiums in Snohomish was $309,904 and the median gross rent was $815. The city is blessed with quiet streets, old world charm, a true sense of community and heart. The city and its leaders have a deep respect for the past and hope for the future. Newcomers are welcomed openly as the city provides its residents in a feeling of stability, comfort and promise.

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