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Mill Creek is a city located in Snohomish County, Washington. The city was originally a planned community built around a country club and golf course. It is 20 miles from Seattle, Washington and is considered part of the Seattle metropolitan area. The city spans 4.69 square miles, .02 of which is water covered. According to the 2010 United States Census Mill Creek has a population of 18,244 giving it a population density of 3,906.6 inhabitants per square mile. The city is home to four named creeks including Mill Creek which runs entirly within the city boundaries and was not officially named until 2001.

The history of Mill Creek is a fairly recent thing, the city was officially incorporated in August of 1983 and has grow rapidly ever since. Before the 21st century much of the area remained rural and wooded, but today it is a bustling suburb of Seattle. The well-known Mill Creek Town Center a mixed-use, city-sponsored complex opened in 2004. Today it houses 88 shops, restaurants, and services.

Shopping, dining and entertainment options in Mill Creek center around the Mill Creek Town Center and the Mill Creek Country Club and Golf course. The city has unique specialty shops as well as major retail establishments, fine dining options, drinking establishments , and numerous entertainment options including six parks and a nature reserve. The parks include amenities such as walking trails, picnic areas and shelters, playgrounds and sporting fields and courts.

Employment in the Mill Creek area also centers around the Mill Creek Town Center and the country club. However, as a suburb of Seattle countless employment options are a short commute away. Community Transit provides bus service between Mill Creek and Seattle. There are also routes within the city to many popular locations like the Mill Creek Town Center. Many residents also drive themselves or carpool.

Homes for sale in Mill Creek range from small starter homes up to luxury homes, but the majority land firmly in suburban middle-class. Many of these homes have attached two car garages and sizable yards. Other real estate options include condominiums, apartments and more. According to real estate statistics from 2009 the median value of a home or condo in Mill Creek is approximately $442,519.00 and the median gross rent per month was $1,189.00. With the Mill Creek Town Center, Mill Creek Country Club, quiet streets and comfortable homes, Mill Creek is the perfect place to settle down and find a home.

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