Staging Your Home

What Is Home Staging?

Staging is a globally recognized service that highlights the best features of your home making it standout above the competition and maximizing the sales potential. It is the process of preparing the interior and exterior of any house for sale, regardless of price or location, large or small, vacant or lived-in.

Staging seeks to optimize the selling power of any house by arranging the furnishings and possessions in a way that makes the house even more appealing to a buyer. You want to highlight the house’s best features and to down play any possible distractions. We provide a positive first impression for the buyer entering their potential new home. A series of positive impressions will set the tone for their tour. That all leads up to emotionally connecting the buyer to the home.

Before StagingAfter StagingBenefits of Staging your Home

Staged homes are the first to be seen and the first to be sold. The decision to stage your property maybe one of the most important decisions you make, as you get ready to market your home. It may be tempting to sell “as is” hoping that the right buyer comes along, however making the right impression of your property will give the buyer a better vision of its value. Let the Devin Sanford Homes Team assist you with your staging and get a head start on selling your home.

First impressions are lasting impressions. Usually, your Realtor has only one opportunity to make a lasting first impression. Let’s work together to make sure it is a positive impression.

  • Staged homes usually sell faster/quicker sale.
  • Staged homes usually bring  higher offers.
  • Staged homes have a marketing advantage – they showcase better photos and virtual tours.
  • Staged homes attract a broader range of buyers – the home appeals to the masses.
  • Staged homes create that crucial 1st impression and a memorable impression.
  • Home staging focuses on a homes best features and selling points, resulting in the home standing out from the competition.
  • Home staging creates a spacious appeal to buyers, optimizing the floor plan, enhancing traffic flow, storage and closet space.
  • Home staging provides an objective eye from the view of the buyers.
  • Home staging assists in evoking an emotional response from the buyer whereas the buyer can visualize themselves living in the home.
  • Staged homes are viewed by buyers, appraisers and inspectors as well maintained and care for homes. Less items are identified for repairs and appraisers are more likely to appraise the home at full value.
  • Home staging assists in creating a turnkey home, a home buyers can move right into.
  • Staged homes show well, creating repeat showings by Realtors.
  • Staging a home is a cost effective investment, a preferred option to sellers than price reductions.

What is the difference between a stager and an interior decorator?

A good stager focuses on neutralizing distracting décor, deleting personal effects, and identifying areas that need cosmetic improvement. A decorator usually creates environments tailored to your personal décor preference, not the real estate consumer.

Do I have to stage all the rooms?

A few rooms can certainly enhance the look of any home for sale, but experts agree that main living areas sell a home. At the very least, plan to stage the formal living room, dining room, family room, master bedroom, kitchen and bath rooms.

 What is the cost to stage a home?

In the Seattle area staging costs vary depending on the size of your home and the extent that your home needs to be staged.  An approximate cost for staging an empty 1,500 sq ft home is  $2,000 with a monthly rental fee until the home is sold.

For some of our clients this may be necessary, but for others who do not require full staging of a home we offer a free staging process and assistance to get your home ready to sell.

We are happy and qualified to assist you with:

  • Paint color selection and painting assistance.
  • Painting services at a discounted rate from our preferred paint vendor.
  • De-cluttering and de-personalization.
  • Furniture arranging to create maximum flow and use of space
  • Lending of small furnishings, bedding and other items to bring out the best in your home.
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